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1. How to use the developed Mathlab model to calculate the torque needed for the bigger structure?

2. How to extend the developed Mathematica model from 8 joints to 14 joints?

ask Gabriel

3. How to export the C code from Mathematica?

ask Gabriel

4. How to use the exported C code in combination with input from sensors to control the motors?


5. How to prepare the motors for mounting on the joints?

Joint preparation

6. How to mount the motors on the 3d printed joint?

Joint assembly

7. How to test the motors mounted in the joint are working properly?

8. How to control the 2 motors per joint from the arduino? (pin lay-out, code)

9. How to power the hyperloop prototype with 8 to 14 joints? (the motors, the arduino's)

10. What else needs to be ordered?

11. When is everything deliveried? (motors, gears, etc.)

12. What else we need to think about with the 14 joints prototype?

With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.
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