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Calcen Chan | Kübra Yilmaz | Leslie Che | Marek Nosek

L.I.P.S.: Living Interactive Playful Skin

Video Presentation


In the 20th Century the (architectural) designs are customizable according to the needs and desire of the human being. But what if the design has its own existing, own feelings and expressions? Own behaviours?

The project aim is to cause extreme experiences of visibility through spaces to entertain people. The main intervention of LIPS consists different behaviours and related spaces in order to lead the behaviour of passants.

The shape is defined by the behaviour of the organism itself. Regarding the structure, the organism is conceived as self sustaining and load-bearing. A three-dimensional system is used for this purpose: this makes it possible to make any flexible movement to express any behaviour.


With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.

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