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IAE will operate on the premise that bodily motion and non-verbal communication can be understood as interfaces of emotional expression and cognition. The idea of creating a proactive behavior loop between the body, the physical and ambient space it operates within as well as the tools and techniques offered by contemporary new media technologies shall be a central operational logic driving the studio.

IAE is directly connected with an European Union Project called METABODY, which the Hyperbody team is currently engaged with. Within this EU project, Hyperbody’s agenda is to develop a pro-active architectural pavillion, which will, in real-time communicate with its immediate context (body movement, directionality of movement, micro-gestures, environmental parameters etc) via multi-modal interactions (sound, light, movement of the structure etc). Currently a fully robotic structural loop is being developed by the Hyperbody staff in collaboration with the Delft Robotics Institute and other consortium members of the EU Project. The structural loop and its movements will thus serve as a constraint, within which the students shall conceive interactive skins/bodies.

TUTORS: Kas Oosterhuis, Nimish Biloria, Gary Chang, Pablo Baquero, Effimia Giannopoulou, Veronika Laszlo


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With the support of the Culture Programme of the EU.
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