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Interactive Bodies 4.0_Workshp:

"What we are evolving are the rules for generating form, rather than the forms themselves"-John Frazer(1995)

The "InteractiveBody 4.0" is an intensive workshop focuses on the interaction between human and immersive spatial environment. Unlike the normal so-called interactive architectures nowadays which consider responsive as interaction, the workshop would like to push the notion of interactivity a bit further. In other words, the workshop proposes an innovative interactive space as a living creature which has emotions and abilities to react. The crucial questions, such as, how this spatial creature reacts? What is its' motions respond to the human involved in? When and what kind of new relationship between space and human will establish? should be explored and attempt to answer through the workshop. The workshop also tries to reverse the conventional spatial notion of static and passive environment into dynamic and aggressive surroundings. A space with "Pro-activeness" will take place in such a condition.

In terms of design experiment, the workshop keens to ask the participants to think of and design a componential system from bottom-up as an emerging interactive body. Like all natural organisms who build up their bodies with single intelligent entity, the cell, the participants should be able to come up with a systematic design strategy to construct their own interactive architectural bodies based on this componential idea. The tool this workshop will mainly be used is Arduino, Grasshopper & Firefly. All participants will learn from basic to advance techniques of these interactive techniques.


Main Information:


EF-4: Riots / Energy Flow Director's Cut from FIELD on Vimeo.

DT 2015.jpg Designing an immersive environmental "MONSTER", who(which) has capabilities of emotional expression or reaction, such as protecting, attacking, angry, pleasant...etc, though geometric transformation, such as folding, bending, extending...etc.

DT 2015 02.jpg A 3m*3m*3m space is the basic volume of the MonsterSpace's body. It can be accordingly extended or contracted 3-dimensionally based on specific design intentions. All monsterSpacens have to composed by a componential emergent system from bottom-up as a collective decision making progress, like how all nature organisms grow.

DT 2015 03.jpg The MonsterSpace should be an immersive environmental space. In other words, the monster should not be considered as an observed object, but a space where people should be involved in. The emotional expression of the Monsterspace could be designed as an experiencing process, gradually transform from one to another. Similar to all the relationships between predator and prey, the predator have to first attract the prey and catch them in a sudden. The prey (participant) experiences totally opposite atmosphere created by the predator (MonsterSpace) from external to internal bodily environment, which is also a crucial challenge in this workshop.

Materials to BUY:

Please prepare these stuffs before the workshop start. You can buy these devices wherever you want(Not constrained to the supplier we provide):