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150624 Banner Nervion3.jpg

Exploded View

The components and the collaboration of them is shown below as an exploded view. The functions of the components are each individual but the layout make them collaborate in an interesting style.

Exploded View of NERVION

Below is the exploded view of NERVION showing the individual pieces that make up the structure and the assembly order. Firstly, parts of [1], [2] and [3] will make up for the essential base and stability. Parts [4], [5], [6] are the secondary elements which completes the bottom half of NERVION. Secondly, inserting the rods [7] into [2] and applying the skin [8] will complete the top half of NERVION. The design is finished by attaching the Hyperloop [9] via strings.

Assembly Real Model

Assembly Brain.jpg

Assembly of the Rods