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Final Presentation


Medusa is an ecology of interactive robotic snakes, which act as extensions of the environment they conquer. The singular component (one snake) has the ability to move freely in its surroundings and interact within other beings which includes its counterparts. A swarm of snakes would organise themselves to populate their habitat proportionally to their number, finding a fixed place to rest. As in the myth, the interaction is mostly based on the visual contact between the users and Medusa: ‘gazing directly into her eyes would turn onlookers to stone’ is what happens in the myth.

In our environment the single snakes will sense if the nearest human is looking directly at them and stop following/teasing him in this case. The opposite would happen if the user is not directly looking/interacting with them: they will try to reach out, getting as near as possible, still avoiding touch. The monster does not like to be touched. It will cause a very dramatic reaction, which might bring as far as self destruction or damage to its own counterparts.

The behaviour of the monster is unpredictable: boredom could get them uninterested in the users and keen to interact with its own species. The creatures have the ability to roam around in order to find a new place, and simulate another snake’s behaviour and start a bigger conversation with the user.


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